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An Integrative Approach Built on Interoperability

INNTRA initiates, develops and secures long-term multidisciplinary collaboration between local and international health experts from multilateral agencies in private and public sectors.

Good Governance, Monitoring & Reporting

It is our goal to invest in good governance and sustainable capacity building that will allow countries to better assess and report results through a transparent and standardized statistical data integration. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development initiated the Statistical Data and Metadata Exchange (SDMX) to better communicate results. It is important for INNTRA to identify, collaborate and support resilient local structures as well as report and communicate effectively on the results in the fields of science, social support and structural norms.

More Inclusive, Sustainable and Resilient Societies

NNTRA seeks to provide a collaboratively developped blueprint in the field of innovative treatment protocols that is defined by its accessibility, adaptability and compassionate children-centered approach. This blueprint ambitions to break the intergenerational cycle of adult/child behavioral and psychiatric dysfunction caused by violence, neglect or poverty while respecting the situational & environmental context. 

Because INNTRA's work is by essence interlinked and multisectoral, communities and all major affluent multilateral agencies are invited to contribute  in order to improve and support the development of a new healthcare models. 


Rapport sur les objectifs de développement durable 2018