INNTRA Well being program

Well Being Program for the Youth

Our Well Being Program for the Youth  is a 10 to 12 day program designed to offers a wide outlet of carefully orchestrated activities (i.e.plastic art, drama, voice, musical, physical and relaxation-based activities, as well as EMDR).

These activities are designed to induce well-being and reinforce the young participants inner-resources and strengthen self-confidence, boost their self-esteem and equip each attendee with an enhanced and brighter overall feel for life.

Our program are adapted to a a wide range of participants interested in boosting their inner sense of well being based on compassion and gratitude.  

Program Specificities:

->Program duration: 10 or 12 days + 1 Year follow-up program in collaboration with the school.

->Profile of Young Participants: Children and adolescents, youth experiencing difficulties at school, suffering from stress and anxiety, looking for direction and a better way to know themselves.


->Program Phases:

(1) stabilization phase and senses discovery through varied activities (art, drama, music, singing, conscious dancing);

(2) mild EMDR relaxation phase; and

(3) reinforcement phase and emotional preparation to handle safely the end of the 10 days.

->Program Activities: all of our activities are  and including art, physical conscious movements, dancing, music, singing, drama, playful activities.

->Staff and Specialists: Local professionals specialized in their fields who have become INNTRA collaborators. Each specialists has robust and demonstrated experience with children lived through challenging life events. Our staff work closely with child psychologists and child psychiatrists as well. 


For whom are these programs?

Schools, Children Summer Programs, Parents desiring to help they children to benefit from a purposeful 10 day program to enhance their child inner-resources while enjoying playful and artistic activities in a safe, inspiring, and 

What we offer:

-Organization of the program in collaboration with the school's setting

-Customized program elaboration

-Monitoring and Evaluation of the candidates with individual reporting

-Follow up program in collaboration with the school


in Switzerland

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