Virginie Morel


A French native from the Swiss Alps region, Virginie Morel returned to Geneva, Switzerland, after living 15 years in the United States and in Spain. In these two countries she developed in-depth experience working with children and adolescents. In Switzerland, her career took a sharp turn toward Child RightsAdvocacy & Research.  Recognized as a multi-disciplinary child sexual abuse specialist with field experience, she was asked to join an independent group of high level child protection Swiss professionals. The group, specialized in the law enforcement, legal, psychological, social and medical fields, conducted research and participated in conferences in Switzerland and abroad.


Recent research mandates at the World Health Organization, the Human Rights Committee, as well as field work in Colombia with a local governmental organization (NGO) led Virginie to question and rethink the access as well as the type of care and efficient treatment available to children having experienced abuse and neglect in remote areas in the world. 


Being trained in several alternative well-being practices and having  personally experienced the proven efficacy of the Eye Movement  Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy after a diagnosis of PTSD caused by a work accident, Virginie developed a particular interest in conducting research on existing body, mind and spirit  treatment approach in order to develop it further and adapt it on a global scope.  


After assessing and researching the observable effects and results of combined healing methods with proven scientific techniques, she founded INNTRA and surrounded herself with high-level professionals to pursue the  development and the implementation of the INNTRA Healing&Care Treatment model, originating from the scientific findings of a group of researcher in South-America. This multi-component program is based on various recognized medical and non-traditional protocols that are adaptive to context, measurable and focused on long-term effect. Virginie's vision is to introduce INNTRA globally and continue to develop and implement the Healing&Care Treatment in low and middle-income (LMIC) countries in order to offer scientifically assessable, adaptive and sustainable treatment solutions for children around the globe.  


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