The aftermath of the COVID19 crisis and lock-down has greatly affected families (parents, children and adolescents). Our team of trauma specialists from all different disciplines (art, dance, yoga, music and singing) have joined to produce 2 Series of videos: one for Family and Children and one for Adolescents. 

These online episodes are designed to offer a holistic, fast and effective way to deal with stress and discomfort. You can choose the activity you prefer and relax, alone, with friends or with the whole family by choosing the theme that correspond to your needs!

A new episode coming up each month!

Check out our YouTube Channel! 

Family & Children Series (3 Episodes)

How to relax with your family!

Art (Anne) and Yoga (Anouk)

How to ease down before bed

Dancing (Clement) & Yoga (Anouk)

How to deal wiht difficult emotions?

Storytelling (Virginie) & Yoga (Anouk)




Adolescents Series - Episode 1 Coming Up Soon!

How to breath and deal with difficult emotions, alone or with friends, with Anouk

How to deal with anxiety and shake it off in conscious dancing with Clement

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