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Trauma Resolution Program

The trauma resolution program is adapted to any environment and includes an emotional stabilization phase, a desensitization phase and a phase of reactivation and strengthening of inner resources. These stages are induced by a specific orchestration of activities based on plastic art, theater, singing, music, physical exercise, relaxation, as well as the EMDR treatment method.

Program Specificities:

->Program duration: form 10 to 12 days + 1 Year Follow-Up with local partners.

->Profile of Young Participants: children and adolescents having suffered from mild to severe trauma from adverse life events


->Program Phases:

(1) stabilization phase, with monitoring & evaluation to assess the emotional, physical and psychological evolution of the participant;

(2) desensitization and reprocessing phase with EMDR-IGTP; and

(3) reinforcement phase and emotional preparation to handle safely the end of the 10 days and the next steps.

Children meditation
Trauma Resolution Program

->Program Activities: adapted to the local resources, practices and cultural beliefs and including art, physical conscious movements, dancing, music, singing, drama, playful activities.

->Staff and Specialists: Local professionals specialized in their fields who have become INNTRA collaborators. Each specialists has robust and demonstrated experience with children lived through challenging life events. Our staff work closely with child psychologists and child psychiatrists as well. Child specialists in the field of traumatology, resilience, "solution-oriented" professionals, social workers close to the young participants during the year, experienced artists working with children, multilingual people knowing what it is like to be "home away from home".


You are an International organizations and you want to run a program?

Humanitarian organizations, International organizations, Associations, Child Refugee Centers, Social Aid Center wanting to include a program in their aid protocol to facilitate the psychological support offered to the local young populations in need.  

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What we offer:

-Onsite assessment (local resources assessment, local staff recruitment)

-Customized program elaboration

-Monitoring and Evaluation of the candidates

-Individual reporting on each young participants

-Follow up program in collaboration with the local association and organization to ensure robust ongoing care is provided to the young participants post-program.


--> SUMMER 2022 (Dates TBD)

in Geneva Canton


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