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Trauma Resolution Program

The Trauma Resolution Program is adapted to any environmental settings and holds a neuro-biological, a psycho-educative, and an inner-strength reactivation therapeutic focus induced by the specific orchestration of plastic art, drama, voice, musical, physical and relaxation-based activities, as well as EMDR group treatment.

Program Specificities:

->Program duration: 10 or 12 days + 1 Year Follow-Up with local partners.

->Profile of Young Participants: children and adolescents presenting from mild to severe trauma symptoms from adverse life events, as well as specific diagnosed conditions (ADD, ADHD, HP, etc..).


->Program Phases:

(1) stabilization phase, desensitization phase and reprocessing phase with monitoring & evaluation to assess the appropriate emotional, physical and psychological evolution of the participant;

(2) EMDR-IGTP phase; and

(3) reinforcement phase and emotional preparation to handle safely the end of the 10 days.

->Program Activities: adapted to the local resources, practices and cultural beliefs and including art, physical conscious movements, dancing, music, singing, drama, playful activities.

->Staff and Specialists: Local professionals specialized in their fields now INNTRA collaborators. Each specialists has experience with children having experience challenging experience and are well-trained trauma specialists.


International organizations wanting to run a program?

Humanitarian organizations, International organizations, Associations, Child Refugee Centers, Social Aid Center wanting to include a program in their aid protocol to facilitate the psychological support offered to the local young populations in need.  

What we offer:

-Onsite assessment (local resources assessment, local staff recruitment)

-Customized program elaboration

-Monitoring and Evaluation of the candidates

-Individual reporting on each young participants

-Follow up program in collaboration with the local association and organization to ensure robust ongoing care is provided to the young participants post-program.

OUR NEXT PROGRAM : EASTER 2021 (April 1st - April 10th)

in Geneva Canton


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