The INNTRA Healing&CareProgram:  

Addressing Trauma and Stress Exposure

The core of the Healing&Care Program stems from a set of multidisciplinary therapeutic healing techniques, the overall design of the H&C Program is based on the human and operational resources available on-site. INNTRA can facilitate and provide professional training (EMDR Training) and encourages civil societies as well as ministries to take action and engage in local and regional community development.

The program encompasses several Traditional & Complementary Medicine (T&CM) techniques where the children will smoothly and gradually center themselves, (re)discover their body and emotions in order to receive the EMDR Treatment in the best conditions.


Throughout the treatment, they  will learn new tools which will help them to promptly access feelings of safety and comfort when facing possible future life events adversity. Upon their return to a safe and appropriate environment after the program, children will gradually be able to access again new dimension of safety and hope.

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