Phase 5/Follow-Up & Community Engagement

(Post Program)

At the end of the treatment, it is crucial that the children have the possibility to return to a secure environment where their mental health is not threatened by any type of environmental or family-related type of adversity. The psyche needs to continue its restoration process and should tolerate no malevolent interruption post-treatment. 


INNTRA works closely with the local community to ensure that all children whom have benefited from the program be safely returned to social shelter or to their family once it is established that family setting is suitable for the child's continued and long-term psychological recovery.


Psychometric tests will continue to be administered (either on a *CAPS or *SPRINT scale) by trained clinicians until each children' SUD score is satisfactorily reached 0 (although this score is meant to be reached by the time the children leave the H&C Program).


Individual or group EMDR treatment will be given by local trained specialist, with the support and assistance of INNTRA until all children can be successfully be tested with the appropriate scoring.

*Clinician Administered PTSD Scale

*Short PTSD Rating Interview

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