Phase 4b/Children EMDR Treatment Process  (day 7-12)

(On-Site Program)

This phase is the application of the EMDR treatment. The therapy is applied in its *group format (EMDR-IGTP)

The therapy will be conduced by EMDR trained psychologists with the support of the artists during the treatment. This phase is emotionally dense and strenuous and it is key that the children have access to all the caring support they can have at this time from all the adult participants of the program.

After the treatment, psychometric tests are conducted to verify the *SUD score of each children. For those few children who do not have a score of 0, individual EMDR session will be given during the program, before all participants depart.

Follow-ups, both under the form of additional EMDR treatment and in continued psychometric testing measures will take place weeks and months after the program has ended.

*EMDR-IGTP was elaborated in 1997 by the team of the Mexican Association for Crisis Therapy (AMAMECRISIS) Team following the passage of hurricane Pauline in the Western coast of Mexico 

*Subjective Unit of Disturbance



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