Phase 4a/Children Sensory Preparation (day 3-6)

(Programme applique)

Children arrive on-site on day 3 and will be following a precise planning which starts from the moment they arrive until the moment they depart.
The activities planned from day
3 to will allow the children to smoothly and gradually (re)center themselves and (re)connect with their body and their emotions, while stimulate and develop the adequate neurobiological connections necessary to follow the
EMDR treatment

This planning also includes playful activities, games and leisure time. All activities are specifically planned and validated by the INNTRA Scientific Department in accordance and collaboration with the local staff. 

Every child will also undergo an age corresponding professionally administered psychometric evaluation to determine the degree of trauma and the extent of emotional and psychiatric healing experienced.The psychometrics tests will be conducted by high-level scientists and researchers collaborating with INNTRA in the field of Neurosciences and Psychobiology under the supervision and overall monitoring of INNTRA's Scientific Director.

The INNTRA H&C Program is adaptive by nature and its framework can vary from one site to another.

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