Phase 3/Staff Conditioning (day1-2)

(On-Site Program)  

Upon successful completion of the preparatory phases which includes safety and general child supervision and ground logistic criteria, the INNTRA H&C Program can start.

The first two days are entirely dedicated to the staff integration process & well-being care enhancement.

This is a very special time for all vested professional involved in the therapy, care, supervision, accompaniment, healthcare, security, personal monitoring, artistic activity to meet and spend 2 days in a body, mind and soul preparatory care immersion retreat setting.


These two days constitute an important moment for everyone to finalize their activities, center and align themselves, enjoy themselves and tune in with one another to create a strong, authentic and harmonious cooperative synergy from which the children will directly benefit. 

Note: The number of days in Part 1 and Part 2 may vary depending on the resources, group need and dynamic.

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