Phase 1/Field Study & Ressources Assessment


INNTRA meets with local and regional professionals in the psychological/therapeutic field, social work and artistic domain to assess the feasibility and local interest in running an INNTRA H&C Program. This phase is key to establish effective and sustainable working relationships. During this phase INNTRA develops a future context for community engagement to assist in delivering accessible treatment, ensure qualitative data collection and analysis for scientific research. This will increase the quality of INNTRA’s work through accountable and transparent practice.

INNTRA goes directly on-site to evaluate the available resources and foster a sustainable, collaborative and participative environment to mobilize all necessary actors for the H&C Program to run which includes:

  • Camp-site selection in partnership with local and regional partners.

  • Training of specialized staff locally selected and recruited.

  • Screening and selection of children who will follow the H&C Program in accordance with local private and public child care institutions. 

The unique INNTRA expertise and know-how is specifically designed to respectfully adapt and adjust to cultural, social, religious and economical accepted norms and practices so the focus can remain on the effective and sustainable treatment of children's traumatic memory.



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