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Youth & Refugee Center



Who is Yojoa?

Yojoa is developing a holistic support model, which aims to empower young refugees to develop a professional project and become autonomous actors in society. By working in coordination with existing state measures,Yojoa accelerates these young people's chances of finding pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and jobs..

Their actions

The model developed includes individualized follow-up over a period of up to five years. The path to skilled employment is a long process for these young people, whose level of education is generally low when they arrive.  Yojoa accompanies them along this path, which generally begins with one or more internships and refresher courses in French and mathematics. The aim of these internships is to enable them to integrate a qualifying training course such as AFP or CFC (apprenticeship), which lasts between 3 and 4 years. It is only after completing their apprenticeship that they are integrated into the labor market in a sustainable way. Yojoa's services include adapted and individual support coordinated with state measures, psycho social support and training in soft skills. At the same time, Yojoa develops and runs a business community that offers internships and apprenticeships to young people.

Our  parnership

INNTRA participates in the psycho social follow-up in order to allow these young people marked by a difficult life path to revisit in a non-intrusive, non-cognitive way the possible somatic emotional after-effects of their complex experience. This allows them to gain resilience and to consolidate their personal capacities in order to achieve full integration into the Geneva business community.

Specialist in trauma and resilience for children, adults and at-risk professionals (Holland).

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Our partnership

Art-therapist, anthropologist and adult trainer in trauma resolution, Anne van den Ouwelant is a renowned specialist in the field of trauma training and trauma resolution in crisis situations. Anne brings her knowledge and practice to INNTRA programs.