Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) : Consequence of Non-Treated Trauma

Scientific studies have demonstrated a substantial correlation between child maltreatment (i.e. physical, sexual, emotional abuse; neglect, and exposure to domestic violence/interparental violence, war context, grief, separation from loved ones, health abuse, etc), and the development of mental health dysfunction.

Exposure to childhood adversity heightens the risk of mental health impairment, social dysfunction, and physical ailments which can persist into adulthood. Experts have observed a need to make a distinction  between a childhood isolated traumatic episode and ongoing childhood adverse life conditions.

Child maltreatment increases the odds by 49% for the development of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in adulthood, e.g. cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, chronic respiratory diseases, mental health problems and musculoskeletal conditions. (*)

Long-termTrauma and Non-Communicable Diseases

The EMDR treatment combined with specifically chosen healing and stabilizing techniques allow the participants to reprocess any traumatic and anxiety related memory into a more adaptive sensory and cognitive narrative corresponding to their age and assimilation capacity.

The unique combination of these carefully selected therapeutic methods will mobilize both hemispheres of the brain simultaneously in order to generate new, yet, carefully guided visual, auditory, sensory and kinesthetic neuronal connections. These new connections will activate a series of resilience markers that the child or the adult can access, sustainably develop and reinforced.


Fuller-Thomson, E., & Brennenstuhl, S. Making a link between child physical abuse and cancer. Results from a regional representative survey. (2009). American Cancer Society.

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