Trauma innovative access

Our Mission

To provide integrated, innovative, responsive body-mind-soul care programs for children and young adults by promoting interdisciplinary and collaboration among highly skilled mental health and wellness professionals.  .  

Our Values

Our humanity is the fundamental link that connects us all. 


Compassion, integrity, responsibility and caring are the founding values of our organization.   


Respecting diversity through our differences is the core of empowerment and growth.  


Commitment leads to excellence. Excellence is our commitment.


New Path

Our Objectives

-Prevent, reduce and treat behavioral, cognitive and emotional disorders related to difficult or traumatic life experiences in children and young adults.

-Facilitate interdisciplinary and collaborative work among health professionals.

-Strengthen local community engagement and raise awareness of the impact of traumatic experiences by providing opportunities for caring and effective solutions.


-Help reduce stress and anxiety related to environmental factors (COVID19).

-Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (SDG2030).