In May 2018, INNTRA travelled to Dakar, Senegal, to meet with local professionals in the field of Child Social Services, Psychotherapy, Anthropology, Public Health National Ministry, Emergency Trauma Response Medical Unit, International Humanitarian Organizations and the Arts.  A precise assessment of the local needs and local resources was successfully conducted.


Close ties were secured with several local institutions and facilities, and solid partnerships have been formed. 

INNTRA is currently working on providing the missing competencies, by facilitating communication with regional and national state actors in order to coordinate multisectoral on-site logistic as well as thinking on a sustainable way to support local child-care structures. 


  • Provide required specific training to health professionals.

  • Initiate and encourage inter-domain local cooperation.

  • Organize the first H&C Pilot Program by 2021.



Reflections from the Founder

    (...) I had been told that Senegal is a very spiritual country. And indeed, the warmth exhibited with every smile seemed directly connected to something new and familiar at the same time. The country of the "Teranga" (hospitality) kept its promise in more ways than one. A stranger is never a stranger for long in this land, as long as you keep an open heart, an attentive ear and a genuine desire to share and partake. The word "partnership" in a country like Senegal is experienced on a completely new level, and everything suddenly became utterly possible (...)                                                                                                                         V.Morel