In August 2018, INNTRA was invited by a group of psychologists specializing in psychotraumatology who were  working with Boko Haram survivors in the Northern part of the country, as well as Seleka, in the Eastern region. INNTRA met several specialists, visited structures and collected valuable information in Yaoundé, Douala and Kribi.

Strong synergies with orphanages, artists and a local adolescent trauma recovery centers were built and all the resources needed to develop and run a future treatment program were secured.


  • Mobilize a pool of researchers for solid and long-term.scientific observation on trauma and treatment;

  • Facilitate the coordination needs between multisectoral parties from public and private sector

  • Organize the first Pilot Program by 2021.

Reflections from the Founder

    (...) Cameroon during the raining season has come to be challenging from time to time. Yet neither the elements nor the uniqueness of some of the situations encountered managed to alter in any way the perfect rhythm experienced day after day, meetings after meetings. The energy and the openness we experienced has given us the reinsurance that every discussion took place for a reason and that the potential for building and healing was not only well-received but warmly encouraged (...)                                                                                                                                                                                                          V.Morel                                        

Nath Nomo Vi_edited