INNTRA Well being program
Innovative Trauma Relief Access

Follow-up Program

INNTRA provides a 1 year follow up program to ensure that children continue to develop and grow in a safe environement; to sustain long-term, non-intrusive and friendly monitoring to gauge the young participant's neuro-biological evolution, to support and strengthen partnerships with local organizations. 

Program Specificities:

->Program duration: 1 year minimum in collaboration with the schools or with the local child care centers, state organization or local association.

->Format: The follow-up program can take the form of interactive, bi-weekly/monthly session based on capacity, resources, staff and children's needs. 

Our program also includes the possibility to join an already existing program form a well-established local youth organization.

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->Program Activities: Lectures, theme excursions, workshops (art, physical conscious movements, dancing, music, singing, drama), playful activities and games, relaxation activities (learnt during the 10 day program).

->Online Platform of exchange to facilitate exchange and communication between the young participants as well as with the staff.


->Staff: Sessions will be conducted by local staff, school teachers or INNTRA staff.