Felicity Pocklington


Felicity Pocklington is a British citizen from Yorkshire who holds an impressive background in medical and social anthropology and international development. She is a public health professional with over 5 years’ international experience with non-government organizations (NGOs) in Africa, Europe and Western-Pacific, UN organizations at the World Health Organization headquarters, and regional office of the Western-Pacific. Her areas of focus have been on improving the quality of people-centered health service delivery through people and community engagement, as well as health and migration.


Her work in health systems strengthening has mainly focused on different pathways towards effective community engagement strategies, both through NGO work in South Africa, Ghana, Botswana and rural Australia and through extensive experience with in-depth, open ended and semi-structured interviews with patients, civil society groups, policy-makers across 25 countries. During her MPH, Felicity worked in collaboration with the Medical Research Council in Cape Town to analyze local barriers to retention in long-term community-based health research studies. She has contributed to policy dialogue concerning the health of refugees and migrants and has developed communications products to bring the human voice to global events.


Her broad but specialized experience has allowed her to centre her work on the belief and the passion for more 'holistic' health systems built to treat the whole person, not only the physical body, based on cultural diversity and respect. It is through recent work experience at WHO and UNICEF that she has become interested in visual epidemiology, exploring how can film be used to convey powerful emotions, senses and stories to push global health issues as well as different understandings of what constitutes "good health and well-being."


She operates today as Global Health Consultant for Cambridge Economic Policy Associates based in London, UK.


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