Defining the Trauma, Defining the Treatment

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Assess, Design, Apply, Reinforce

The possible neurobiological alterations resulting from adverse life conditions experienced by children will be assessed by INNTRA and local scientific teams. These evaluations will provide a better understanding of the  physical, emotional, and mental impairments experienced by children. 

After disseminating the collected data, the INNTRA scientific

team will be able to modulate and specifically design an

adaptive H&C Program/Phase1. This Phase1 treatment

will be applied under its short-term format in a specifically

chosen location where children and staff will be hosted

together for the 10 days duration of the program. 

This multidisciplinary protocol is designed to be respectful

of the social, cultural and economic ecosystem and is applied in adequacy with the human and technical  resources available and the healing needs of the young participants.

INNTRA will monitor in collaboration with local staff a long-term Phase2 treatment run by the local staff after the completion of Phase1. The second part of the program is designed to reinforce and embed on a deeper level the healing effects of the treatment.