Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic declared in December 2019 and the various measures adopted by governments, the aftermath of confinement had to be managed as we carry on living under the pressure of having to follow new rules imposed by our respective governments. 

INNTRA is equipped to abide by the various sanitary measures enforced by Health Ministries and is one of the reason why we have created our Online Series to address the different needs distanciation dictate.

Life post Covid 19 has required an important mobilization of personal resources that concern babies and young children, adolescents, young adults, people in precarious situations, active workers and people in retraining or looking for work, retired people and the elderly. Perhaps this is an opportunity to re-discover ourselves and to rethink our values, our vision and our role within our families and our society.

An opportunity to rethink ourselves, to rediscover ourselves, and to move forward. 



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A cross-disciplinary perspective of the evolution of COVID-19


The modus operandi of the virus challenges experts around the world.


The scientific study published by The Lancet on the psychological impact of quarantine and how to reduce its effects (eng).

Most recent scientific study on observed gene mutations (eng).23 April 2020.



Children are particularly at risk in this period of pandemic and containment. They perceive their parents' anxiety and also have to face their own fears. This increased anxiety may manifest itself in hyperactive or oppositional behaviour towards parents. This period of hyper anxiety can also lead to nightmares, school anxiety disorders or "fear of the outdoors". Children need help to decipher the "evils" and fears that are in their lives and to obtain the appropriate tools to cope with them, with gentleness, kindness and patient support from their parents or guardian (click on the logos).

Giving your child space to speak is crucial.

And if need be, do not hesitate to ask for the help of a child care professional.

Contact a professional in France
Contact a professional in Switzerland


An upsurge in emergency calls for domestic violence has been observed by public services, and children and adolescents living in dangerous or toxic intra-family contexts endure confinement in an exacerbated manner. The websites of the Council of Europe and Human Rights Watch have made a lot of information and resources available on this subject..

Emergency Call for Children in Danger  France: 119

Emergency Call for Children in  Switzerland147

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Do you want to volunteer or find information on the different actions near you in this period of confinement and participate in the work and the associative effort? For more information, go to one of these sites (click on the logos):








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Numerous organizations in France, Switzerland and elsewhere are working tirelessly to help the most destitute and uprooted people who are suffering the impact of the pandemic in a multiplying manner. However, refugees are also full-fledged players in our societies with skills, resources, ideas and a tremendous willingness to fight this crisis that affects us all.

The Council of Europe and UNHCR encourage governments to engage refugees and health professionals to join national teams in the fight against Covid19.   

To find help for fragile populations in France and Switzerland or to get more information, visit the sites (click):        

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