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Existing data shows that one child dies every five minutes in the world from the consequences of being maltreated or abused. But what about the children who manage to survive and carry on, the best they can, into adulthood? Despite all odds, studies have also demonstrated that these children will be at higher risk of developing physical, behavioral and emotional hardship which might translate, in the long term, into potential maltreatment inflicted upon their own offspring. The cycle of violence needs to be broken.

Today there are ways to treat the damages caused by maltreatment before they are genetically or behaviorally transmitted to the next generation. Often it is a matter of choice for an adult, to take action and address his or her own mental health issues, but for a child, it is a matter of basic access to treatment and care, as well as a matter of rights.

Children should not be defined by their life hardships. They should be defined by their strength, their resilience, their innate capacity to thrive when given the opportunity to take an active role in shaping their own lives and improving their own health.

The goal is not for everyone to be the same, but for everyone to be given the opportunity to benefit from appropriate treatment and care when needed, so that each child can carry on through their own childhood and grow to become the caring, healthy, and thriving adult they were always born to be.”



                                                                                                               Virginie Morel

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