Virginie Morel


A French native from the Swiss Alps region, Virginie Morel returned to Geneva, Switzerland, after living 15 years in the United States and in Spain. In these two countries she developed in-depth experience working with children and adolescents. In Switzerland, her career took a sharp turn toward Child Rights, Advocacy & Research.  Recognized as a multi-disciplinary child sexual abuse specialist with field experience, she was asked to join an independent group of high level child protection Swiss professionals. The group, specialized in the law enforcement, legal, psychological, social and medical fields, conducted research and participated in conferences in Switzerland and abroad.


Recent research mandates at the World Health Organization, the Human Rights Committee, as well as field work in Colombia with a local governmental organization (NGO) led Virginie to question and rethink the access as well as the type of care and efficient treatment available to children having experienced abuse and neglect in remote areas in the world. 


Being trained in several alternative well-being practices and having personally experienced the proven efficacy of the Eye Movement  Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy after a diagnosis of PTSD caused by a work accident, Virginie developed a particular interest in conducting research on existing body, mind and spirit  treatment approach in order to develop it further and adapt it on a global scope.  


After assessing and researching the observable effects and results of combined healing methods with proven scientific techniques, she founded INNTRA and surrounded herself with high-level professionals to pursue the  development and the implementation of the INNTRA 10DAY Program, originating from the scientific findings of a group of researcher in South-America. This multi-component program is based on various recognized medical and non-traditional protocols that are adaptive to context, measurable and focused on long-term effect. Virginie's vision is to introduce INNTRA globally and continue to develop, adapt and implement the program to answer the present and future needs of our society.


Laetitia de Schoutheete



Laetitia is a Psychotherapist (ARS) who graduated from the University of Louvain La Neuve (Belgium) with a DESS /master II in psychology since 1999.

She has always wanted to work in the humanitarian field and had the chance to work as a psychologist for Médecins Sans Frontières in several countries for 6 years: (Rwanda (genocide), Indonesia (religious conflicts), Aceh (Tsunami), Armenia (missing persons), Brussels (undocumented persons).
Since her return from the field, she has been working in liberal practice and giving advanced professional training at the Cercle de Compétences in Lyon.

Fascinated by the new advances in psychology, she has trained and enhance her own curriculum during these 15 years at the Cercle de Compétences in Lyon and is a certified professional in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), in Ericksonian Hypnosis,  in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), as well as in TAT (Tapas Acupressure Techniques).

Her experiences with victims of violence (wars, natural disasters, sexual abuse...) have especially shown her the resilience of humans when they have been able to take the time to visit and process their history.

Oftentimes, shocks, traumas and difficult experiences prevent us from connecting to our soul and we then see life through a prism of sadness or anguish. Fortunately, all this can be changed with the help of new practices in psychology that allow a quick and effective relief of suffering.

It is my personal observation that each one of us can find again the path of appeasement and joy and reconnect to a nourishing and fruitful vitality. Therapy is therefore a path to our essence. It is one full of vitality.


Laetitia is also a member of the Circle of Competence, the co-founder of the LuaLuna association, member of GIST-T Global Initiative for Stress and Trauma, EMDR France, TAT Life and Amanins CA. 


Irina Tyamushkina


Originally from Moscow with a background in business administration and financial management, Irina’s career took off extremely fast right after completing her academic studies. She became exposed very quickly to different industries and started to build a strong and solid background within global leading international firm. At PricewaterhouseCoopers, Irina provided financial and auditing services to international top companies’ headquarter offices based in Moscow.  Within just two years, Irina advanced to a senior position, leading teams of up to four consultants and was rewarded by PwC for her excellence and dedication.  She holds a record of successful signoffs over eight projects in the industries of pharmaceuticals and health care, luxury fashion, industrial and agricultural manufacturing, telecommunication & technology, retail & food.

Through her first experience, Irina discovered a true passion for numbers and teamwork. She gained solid experience in financial analysis, internal processes controls and compliance and chose to expand her knowledge and competencies in this specific business practice by joining a commercial finance team with Coca-Cola. Even with very little experience in these specialties, she quickly clutched the missing skills and plunged into the business. Within six months, she was put in charge of the planning and the analysis of key strategic customers’ revenue.

From that moment on, Irina understood with great clarity the importance of sustainability in organizations, especially within the scale and production leverage of companies such as Coca-Cola. Very keen on assessing the depth of everyday corporate impact, she discovered a true passion for creating value throughout her career.

Her broad corporate experience strengthened by her latest observations led her to push further these new findings. She decided to move to Switzerland to continue her academic studies in sustainable development by taking on an MBA in Sustainable Business at Business School Lausanne.

Upon her return to Geneva, she joined INNTRA  where her expertise and her skills have become a key part of the healthy development of the organization in domains such as strategic development, commercial finance and operations management as well as business model creation.


Felicity Pocklington


Felicity Pocklington is a British citizen from Yorkshire, an anthropologist and specialist in international development. Felicity has worked for over 8 years in the field of public health with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Africa, Europe, the Western Pacific and Geneva.  His areas of focus are improving the quality of people-centred health services and engaging with communities in migration contexts.


Her work in the area of health systems strengthening has focused primarily on the different pathways to effective community engagement strategies, including through NGO work in South Africa, Ghana, Botswana and rural Australia. Felicity will spend several years in the field as part of her research, conducting numerous interviews with a variety of patients in multiple settings. Her research has contributed to the formalization and implementation of health legislation in 25 countries.  


During her Master's degree in Public Health, Felicity worked in collaboration with the Medical Research Council in Cape Town, South Africa, to analyze local barriers to retention as part of the evaluation of long-term care measures in community health. She has contributed to policy dialogue on the health of refugees and migrants and has developed communication products to bring the human voice to international events.


Her vast and specific experience has allowed her to focus her work on the belief and passion for a more "holistic" health systems, built to treat the whole person, based on cultural diversity and respect. It is through her recent work experience at WHO and UNICEF that she became interested in visual epidemiology, exploring how videography can be used to convey powerful emotions and stories to advance global health issues and understanding of what constitutes "good health and well-being". Building on this approach, she joined Virginie in Cali, Colombia to observe and collaborate with the team of Colombian researchers as a videographer and visual analyst in the Colombian program established for about 40 children. 


She operates today as a Research & Account Manager at Common Threads in London, England.