A Protocol Developed Differently

A Coherent Pluridisciplinary Approach to Care

Pluridisciplinarity is a distinct and progressive manner to efficiently approach the required multi-faceted response for effective treatment application. Both empirical and clinical studies in the field of mental health have demonstrated the multidimensional connectedness between the mind, the body and the spirit, which characterizes the multicomponent aspec of the INNTRA protocol. 

A Respectful Accompaniment of the Spirit

More and more, treatment approaches are now considering 

the soundness of the power of self-alignment techniques to

enhance well-being in multidisciplinary healthcare

treatment protocols. These techniques vary within

each culture and facilitate the access and activation of a

sensitive, coherent and sustainable form of resilience for the child.

General Developmental & Operational Process of the

Healing&Care Program/Phase1-2

  • Scientific evaluation of the trauma effect on young participants' physical, emotional, and behavioral conditions based on historic living conditions assessment.

  • Development and elaboration of the H&C Program/Phase1 by INNTRA scientific team based on needs and resources capacity around Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) protocol.

  • Application of the H&C Program Phaseonsite.

  • Psychometric assessments (prior, during and post Phase1-2 program). 

  • Child placement in a secure and adequate structure where the long-term frame H&C Program Phase2 can take place to reinforce the creation of new neuronal codification through biological and psychological adaptive trauma resolution.  

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